amber glass bottles
Buy Glass Bottles With Orifice Reducers to Use with light sensitive products.
Buy Small Glass vials and Plastic Packaging Here! Our business is supplying our customers the finest quality packaging and service, for all your packaging needs! Most of our products include caps, plastic stoppers or cork stoppers! Click on a picture for link to description and prices. Shopping is made easy via our secure shopping cart. Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted, also PayPal. Order Today!
amber glass bottles with droppers
display bottles
screw top bottles with caps
Glass vials cork bottles
Perfume Samplers and bottles
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Screw Thread Small Glass Vials with Caps!
Screw thread small glass vials and bottles are ideal for packaging dry or liquid products. Use for essential oil bottles, Glass Amber Bottles and Vials here. All come with caps.
Glass perfume sample vials are especially designed for the promotion and introduction of new fragrances and scents.
PilotVials glass display bottles are primarily suited for use with dry compounds, capsules, pills or tablets. Show off your favorite items.
Patent Lip small glass vials with cork stoppers and bottles are particularly ideal for dry compounds of any type but may also be used for essential oils. Some have choice of plastic or cork stoppers. Often used for wedding favors, fairy dust and magic potions. Old world style vials.
Roll-On Bottles!
Stainless steel and plastic rollers available
Glass Perfume Atomizers!
New 2 ML glass Atomizers Added!
Perfect for your favorite Fragrances
blue green bottles and vials with orifice reducers
Blue Green vials with Orifice Reducers! Perfect for your light sensitive products

pipettes funnels racks
Plastic cosmetic containers, make up jars
Plastic Cosmetic Containers, Three Different Sizes, 5 ml, 10 ml and 30 ml.
Disclaimer: takes no responsibility for loss or damage of  product due to incorrect usage, or without previous testing. Therefore customers need to test their products performance inside of their selected glass or plastic product for suitability.
Glass roll on bottles
Glass bottles with applicators or brushes
half oz
1/2 Oz Glass Vial With Choice 
of Brush, Applicator or Standard Caps.
Great for cosmetic containers
cork stoppers
buy plastic bottles and jars with screw caps
Screw Top Plastic Vials
For dry products

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Plastic Perfume Atomizers
Vial Necklace

Plastic Roll on bottles with cap
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