plastic funnels
Plastic funnels, perfect for filling tiny vials from 1/8 dram on up, small funnel measures 41mm diameter at the top, 51mm tall, bottom tip is 3mm. Larger funnel measures 50mm diameter at the top and 63mm tall, bottom tip is 4mm.     Order Mini Funnel Set..............$2.99
Small Metal Funnels!
Funnel measures 25mm diameter, 30mm tall with a stem opening of 2mm. You'll receive Two Silver funnels!
Each Set............................$1.99
Plastic Transfer Pipettes
 Non Sterile
 $0.99 per Dozen!
Plastic transfer pipettes
4 Way Vial Rack supports those small vials
Will fit four different size diameter vials
7mm, 12mm, 17mm and 30mm size holes!
4-Way Vial Rack $14.99 each!
plastic vial rack
Glass vials

Need more!  Non Sterile 
Plastic Transfer Pipette!
$11.29 for 144 (1 gross)!
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Small Plastic Spatula 
2 3/8" X 7/16"!
$1.29 per Dozen!
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metal funnel

Accessories to Glass Vials

Check out all the glass vial accessories we carry to go along with you packaging projects!